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Nepal Conservation

The greatest threat to the survival of the Asiatic elephant is their loss of habitat.  It's population has shrunk vastly over the past fifty years, primarily due to population explosion in the traditional areas in which they are found. 

WEPA Nepal strongly believes that these small remaining areas like Chitwan and Bardia need to be protected for all wildlife, not only the elephant. 

One absolutely key aspect of this process is to educate the local villagers of the needs of the jungle, and the imperative requirement to curb poaching. 

This is be done via school education and also through more indirect means such as the work being done by ITNC on numerous conservation projects.

Indeed, over the last couple of years, bicycle polo has gained popularity as a fill in fun game between chukkas of elephant polo following its introduction at Karnali during WEPA 2010.

WEPA participants pay a charity fee to enter the bicycle polo event, and purchase a dozen local bicycles so as to participate in the games. After the tournament, in addition the funds raised, the bicycles are handed over to the Buffer zone committee to be used by forest guards to patrol their areas against poaching activity.

Donations to charities, past and present, by Tiger Tops Clients, patrons of various teams and individuals associated with WEPA

  • ITNC (International Trust for Nature Conservation) – a UK registered charity NO. 281101for conservation and preservation of wildlife. (see website:
  • Medical Clinics at Meghauly, Chitwan and others in Nawalparasi District, Nepal.
  • British Gurkha Welfare Trust – UK/Nepal. For impoverished Ex-Gurkha soldiers.
  • Building and running of junior school through British Gurkha Welfare Nepal.
  • Donations and sponsorship for Pre-School/Head Start for children from destitute and backward communities (eg. Tharu, Bote, Mushyar and Kumal tribes).
  • Support of Tharu Village School for destitute children (funded by Tiger Tops and Swiss Air Employee Fund – Switzerland) and supported by Elephant Polo.7. Esther Benjamin Trust for abused women, Bhairawa, Nepal.
  • Support for local schools of Chitwan and Nawalparasi, including books, building materials and training in wildlife conservation, including tree planting.
  • House of Hope – Orphanage, Kathmandu.
  • Support for Meghauly local Village Development Committee, including local schools, several youth clubs, support for Meghauly Tourist Development yearly promotional fair/exhibition.
  • Lomanthang, Mustang Nepal.  School for Herbal Medical Studies.
  • Distribution of clothes to needy families during winter periods in Nepal.
  • Assisting in arranging Youth Wildlife Training and Workshop/ Seminars-Nepal.
  • Conservation education slide shows to junior schools in Kathmandu, Chitwan and elsewhere.
  • Tiger Tops Swiss Air School Library programme and Tree Nursery Project.
  • Duff Kennedy Scholarship Fund for advanced education.
  • Provision of 4 salaries for Tharu, Bote and Mushyar village teachers of Nawalparasi.
  • Construction of subsidized foot pumps for villagers, installation of hand pumps and related irrigation projects in Chitwan.
  • Vocational, Agricultural and Health Training Programmes in Chitwan.
  • Assistance to Buffer Zone of Chitwan National Park for conservation and local development.
  • Classroom facilities and assistance to Women’s Literary Programme in Chitwan.
  • Logistic support for monitoring water quality of Narayani River, Chitwan. (see website:23. Non-timber forest product. Project, TM Pokhara / ITNC.
  • Community Forest Range TM Pokhara / ITNC.
  • Community Funds for Number of Projects assisted by Tiger Mountain Pokhara / ITNC.
  • Amar Joyti School Development Project Tiger Mountain Pokhara.
  • Support over 15 years helping develop the ITHARI School, Meghauly, Chitwan Nepal from Primary to Secondary and Higher Secondary. Tiger Tops was in 2007 Awarded by the School District for its support.
  • World Wildlife fund (WWF) Nepal, Tiger Tops was presented “The Abraham Conservation Certificate of Recognition 2006” for their support of WWF and Conservation in Nepal.
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