World Elephant Polo Association

Karnali Lodge

For WEPA 2012 the tournament has been moved to the Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge in Nepal’s Badia National Park. Karnali is an intimate lodge with ultra personal service and expert guiding. We’ve created a calming, soothing retreat with a focus on fresh organic produce so that players and spectators alike can relax throughout the tournament.

The pitch is located right next to the lodge so there won’t be the normal tournament commute for those used to Tiger Tops. Games are played during the cooler hours of the morning and early afternoon.
There are of course all of the wonderful afternoon options for safaris by foot, elephant, boat or Landrover with our in house naturalists.


Kathmandhu Office Address:
Tiger Tops
P.O.Box 242,
156/23 Tangal Road,
Kathmandu, Nepal.
Phone: +977 (0)1 4411 225

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