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Teams 2013

WEPA 2013 has already courted controversy with teams changing players as well as managers during the off season. The transfer window for players is open until 6am on Sunday 1st December much to the chagrin of most team captains. Please find below a selection of teams that are, currently, confirmed. I hasten to add that the teams may be confirmed but the captains will only really know who is playing once the first chukka commences at WEPA 2013.


EFG Switzerland

EFG have conducted a serious amount of soul searching since failing to achieve the ever elusive WEPA Hat Trick in 2012. We hear rumour that James Manclark has done a Ferguson and gone into retirement stating "the pressure to win is just too much these days". One can presume that Robert Mehm will be showing form again this year, accompanied by Sangjay Choegyal. Although, having said that, rumours abound that the Choegyal brothers will be teaming up with brothers Edwards to put on an all star line up. The only absolute with EFG is that Princess Lea has had his divots trodden and is once again roaming nomad across the globe; looking for a WEPA captain with a forgiving eye for the après polo antics that are all too often blamed on this wilting flower of a player.

Rusty Kukris

The Rusty Kukris find themselves, well, rarely to be honest. More often than not these once imperial takers of the Queen's (Americans - there is only one Queen, before you ask) shilling can be found scattered across the globe trying to identify the nearest place to rest a solar topi and catch up on the latest Hendricks cocktail. We wait to with baited breath to see who rolls out for the team this year.

Tiger Tops Tuskers

Will they, wont they...............form themselves into the most impressive sight ever to grace the front pages of the Berkshire Polo Quarterly? We don't know is the straight answer. The more colourful answer is that we can expect fireworks, underhand dealings, pistols at dawn and an array of very cheeky email exchanges as various people vie for the right to represent the hosts' team.

Pukka Chukkas

Jason 'The Chief' Wheeler has been keeping his cards very close to his chest this year. So much so that the editor had to ask his good wife (and WEPA Oscar winner for best off pitch performance 2011) Mel, if she wouldn't mind awfully distracting the man so we could steal the plan from his fag packet. After serious delusion, whereby The Chief thought he might change his team, it has been decided by his previous stalwarts that they will be accompanying him again. We can look forward to Michael Eaton, Simon Race, Tom Fonnnnnnnnnnnnntaine and Alex Hamilton forming the squad this year. Stranger things have however occurred at sea so watch this space.

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