World Elephant Polo Association

Teams 2012

EFG Switzerland

James Manclark (C)

You will hear the call "Manclark" reverberating regularly around the stadium throughout the tournament, eliciting startling reactions from those in the know. James represented his country in the Luge for the 1968 Winter Olympics before settling down to a serious life of co-founding the World Elephant Polo Association and searching for leopards in Yemen. Accompanied by the sublimely glamorous Patricia, James' only serious moments at the tournament are committee meetings, coin tosses and occasional frustration as the younger members of his team fall foul of the 'bed by midnight' rule. James has always been a keen advocate of riding the larger elephants in the tournament and is a goal defender of repute.


Keith Gapp (Patron)

Keith is the inspirational power behind the sponsorship of WEPA, vying this year for his team to make it a tournament record of three straight wins. Keith's real life role of marketing and strategy changes little when he brings his team to WEPA. A keen advocate of adherence to the rules (and rightly so. Ed.) he can be seen anxiously pacing the sideline when the team is on the field.


Robert Mehm

A practitioner of the art of private banking, "Bob" is the Robert Redford of WEPA, as lovingly christened by Peter Prentice in 2010. Robert ensures the generation gap within the EFG team is ably bridged between whippersnappers and septuagenarians - advising the former and guiding the latter. Opposition teams should beware his formidable assaults on goal, especially in the last 30 seconds of any game when long shots are de rigeur.


Sangjay Choegyal

The elder of the terrible duo of Choegyal brothers; Sangjay currently sits as lothario in residence in the Kingdom of Bhutan where his butterfly hunting expeditions are legendary for their fervor and exacting standards. This will be his third tournament with EFG as he seeks the elusive record of a WEPA hat trick. Always watched on the field by his rightfully proud (Honorary New Zealand Consul) mother, Sangjay can be seen most evenings, unaccompanied, prowling the bar late into the night in search of (White) mischief, the occasional revolution and someone to join him in choreographing Darko's next music video.


Nigel Lea

A stalwart of the WEPA scene, Mr Princess has seen it all and caused most of it. He was finally successful in winning the WEPA world Cup in 2011 as part of EFG. This led to a significant off pitch performance, which his team disowned. As an Ex Ghurkha officer, he has the great advantage of speaking Nepali, and being able to communicate with the mahouts, he sometimes communicates with other players as well and his on pitch voice is most notable, both when commentating and issuing instructions to his Captain (who enjoys the repartee) and the referee. His enormous size also enamours him to the elephants, one of whom got a bit overly friendly with him a few years ago and a third baby Princess is in the offing.... His form is aided still further, having attended Exeter University, the alma mater of several of the more gifted players on the circuit, and being archaeologists they thrive living on past glories.


Chinggis Khaan Mongolia

In the years preceding 1227 AD Chinggis Khaan brought into being the largest contiguous empire the world has ever seen and provided history with one of its most fascinating and successful rulers. The attributes: skilled horsemanship, physical & mental robustness and the genial nature, of the men that so epitomized this empire have not been lost.

This was proved to us in spades in 2011 when Christopher and Enkhe Giercke brought the Chinggis Khaan Mongolia Polo team to WEPA for the first time. After a week of hard fought, language barrier entwined and laughter eschewing battles the Mongolian team lofted the Olympic Quaich high into the air with glorious celebration. This year we are granted another audience with the warriors from the steppes and it will be an audience to remember.

This year there will be 4 craftsmen of Mongolian polo wielding long sticks on elephant back in Karnali. We will yet again see some of the largest forearm muscles in the world combined with some of the strongest livers ever born. Beware the Mongolian finger counting game for its apparently simple rules will fox the most dexterous of you. Bring your camera and thoughtful self because there is bound to be some Mongolian throat and legend singing of the highest order.

As and when we receive news, by courier pony, pigeon or errant shaman, of who the players will be rest assured this page will display their histories and faces before any other.


Tiger Tops Tuskers

Krystjan Edwards

The edifice that keeps Tiger Tops and WEPA Nepal running year in year out, Krystjan is our consummate host. One can see the toll that the stress and furore of the handicapping meeting takes on him seeping away during the week as he enjoys the antics of the teams and players – on and off the pitch. Tip your hat to him at any time and he will respond with a pearl of wisdom. A huge supporter of the WEPA underdog, Krystjan will undoubtedly be cheering on the giant slayers yet again this year.


Jack Baucher

"Ze German" has been rigorously administrating Tiger Tops and WEPA for the past 3 years, ensuring that beach towels are rolled out early while timings are precisely adhered to. His latest travels have taken him on a Tiger suited adventure by motorbike from Ghana to Ibiza via most of West Africa's choicest scenic roads, he assures me that he is almost the same man as the one that started the adventure. We look forward with baited breath to seeing this Teutonic might champion the TT Tuskers cause in between the brothers Edwards.


Tim Edwards

Tim may be described variously as the most eligible bachelor in Nepal, a renowned gigolo or a professional elephant trek organiser, depending on which hour of the night you speak to him. What is for certain is the aplomb and even hand with which he can be found umpiring the tournaments and the generous hints and tips he will hand out to all new comers.


Jack Edwards

The youngest of the Edwards clan has been somewhat under the elepolo radar these past few years. Back in 2008 Jack made an appearance, in the place of elder brother Tim (the artist formerly known as the 'non-factor'), in the Tuskers team, to deftly assist the team in lifting the Olympic Quaich. Initially the adept chief sneaks among us were certain it was due to the fact that he was unimpressed with not bringing home the heavy silverware and had a desire to hone his skills away from the watchful eye of the handicapping committee; however recent investigations reveal that as he left Meghauly in 2008 he was heard to mutter under his breath the immortal line "Now I can finally go and concentrate on my juggling and develop my sixth sense". The young prodigy is due to return this year so beware the double cheek air kisses and the suave insouciant talk of carbonated wines from the finest university education the world can offer. (On reading my notes I see it is Edinburgh and not Exeter – therefore please allow me to re-phrase that last line. Ed.) The young prodigy is due to return this year so beware the double cheek air kisses and the suave insouciant talk of carbonated wines from a fine university education.


Tigresses' Polo

Stine Edwards (C)

This much travelled Danish diplomatic advisor has had a wildly successful elephant polo career since her introduction to the sport in 2003. A sharp competitive streak matched with undeniable skill has seen her in high demand on the professional tour. Stine will want to be knocking seven shades out of EFG this year after the cumulative effort of 4 double-handed-divas could not stop their rise in WEPA 2011. Stine is also our charming hostess for the week, so do not confuse the off-pitch hospitality with the on-pitch furore.


Lucy Monro

Paparazzi to the players, media maestro to the masses and all round superb camera woman, Lucy is a long time supporter, player and publisher of elephant polo. Seen more often than not with a string of photographers following her every move for tips and tricks Lucy will be trying once again this year to ensure a ladies' team wins the tournament. Having recently finished her summer season in Thailand Lucy will be arriving from Dubai to bring a certain glamour and je ne c'est pas to the tournament.


Sam Prentice

Sam is undoubtedly the darling of WEPA, some say she was baptized on an elephant but all we know for sure is that she certainly became engaged on elephant back to Peter in Chitwan, a few moons ago. Sam grew up for a time in Nepal and was caught in the spell of WEPA when serving as a Guest Relations Officer at Tiger Tops. Easily identified by her pink headgear Sam is the undisputed two-handed diva of the pitch, winning the MVP award last year.


Carolyn Syangbo

Carolyn started her elepolo career at the same time that Sam was being wooed by Peter; not having that distraction, she has risen as a shining star among the lady elephant polo players of the world. Carolyn has been at the heart of organising WEPA and many of the innovations present today are due to her diligence and foresight as to what players and spouses may ask for next. Expect to see Carolyn stepping from the commentators' box straight onto the pitch for crowd pleasing defensive performances before alighting to give the commentary makers an earful for their Tuborg sodden anecdotes.


Imogen Lillywhite

Imo declared, in print no less, at the end of WEPA 2011 that she "would be back" and indeed she is. Imo is to the Tigresses what Jose Maria Olazabal was to the European Ryder Cup team; a veritable bastion of calm, considered and inspiring thought. Imo will yet again be wielding her pen with Faust like conservatism to capture every highlight (and for the right price will erase one's lower points) of the tournament. These will be dispatched with clinical aplomb by pigeon, runner or errant lama to be delivered hot into the hands of international press moguls. She is also a stick chick of some esteem and will be battling Patricia for the best of the 68's.



Rebekah Bell

The Afghaniphants' illustrious team captain from 2010 left the glamour and luxury of Kabul behind in February to allegedly undertake a top secret mission on behalf of the team, although she was heard to be yelling "later suckers" while doing a little dance in the airport so it may all have been a sham. She made a quick trip to Australia where she helped a colony of apocalypse survivors by volunteering to drive an oil tanker and battle a group of desert bandits while the women and children made good their escape. Sadly though she had to leave Australia after betting heavily on the Wallabies in their recent dismal showing against the All Blacks and is currently hiding out in an underground bunker somewhere in Italy muttering "you can't blame me for this". Some say that she's going to make her way to WEPA this year overland by way of Ulaan Baatar, all we know is.... wait nevermind.


Ryan Scott

Ryan 'Chocolate' Scott has been a stalwart of the Campaign to Control Paddy Smith and may well have been one of its founding members, if only anyone could remember past the pant burning episode in Karnali. He has been a keen follower of Kabul street fashion for over 4 years now and point blank refuses to be seen in a suit that has refractive e light index of less than 5. The last 12 months have seen him descend into the murky depths to try his hand at whale polo; for those of you in the know that phrase is not 'code'. We look forward to seeing him lead out the Afghaniphants with his trademark 'dancing strut' which, since its inception in 2009, has not only become the hallmark of Marko's studio but has also lead Chocolate into various brushes with Interpol.


Paddy Smith

A returning veteran of WEPA and past Oscar winner, Paddy is a long term resident of Afghanistan. Despite his cuddly appearance and outgoing character, Paddy is well known for introducing the highly entertaining pastime of Power Knitting into Afghanistan. This requires used Rocket launchers as knitting implements, the rest of the rules are only known to him although it is thought that this is one of the few western sports approved by the Taliban. Paddy can often be seen sipping Drambuie, Campari and Champagne directly from the bottle and on occasion from the same glass. Known for his sartorial elegance he is regularly seen strolling the streets of Kabul in his new Savile Row suit.


Amy Woodrow

AKA Blows Brownies hails from the fair city of Seattle, Washington. 2012 will be her second year at WEPA and she couldn't be happier to be returning. While some teams go for the jugular and try to wine and dine their opposition the evening before a match, Amy can be found taking a different route; bribery - of the Elephants. (After all, she has spent the last 3.5 years in Kabul). As a team we think she is nuts, but she is a staunch believer in the memory of the Elephants and KNOWS they remember her treats. Unfortunately Amy was not able to provide us her picture (she is a very shy girl).


Sinisa Majdak

'Grandpa' is one of the new members to the Afghaniphants, Grandpa is a veteran of the Kabul scene from both the military and civilian side. Those on holiday in Kabul can find him at any one of the local Pubs, bars and restaurants. Given his name, we have found Grandpa to have a tendency to fall asleep, especially on Thursday evenings. But good team mates that we are, we make sure he is well adorned with frilly décor and appropriate accessories. (Sorry Tom Tukes, sadly, we have yet to find him in a dress, but then….) 2012 will be his first trip to Nepal and we hope he doesn't fall asleep atop one of the elephants.


Kimberley Bednarski

Kim is new to Kabul and WEPA this year, but adjusting like a giardia to a Kabuli gut. Kim is an avid dancer especially when drinking tequila , teaches yoga, can do the splits 5 different ways ( yes, apparently there are 5 different ways) and generally smells like strawberries. Don't be fooled by her small size as she has a voracious appetite for all food that is only matched by her shopping addiction. (I don't understand the picture of wall hiding either. Ed.)


Simon Chatterton

Appearing at WEPA for the first time, Simon "Arsey Darcy" Chatterton arrived in Kabul last year with the somewhat misplaced idea that he could convince people that insurance is a brilliant idea in a country that is rapidly approaching civil war. Undeterred by common sense Simon has pressed ahead and become well known amongst the expat community as a bluff, grumpy Englishman abroad. He tries to keep his Essex heritage a secret by assuming the persona of Colin Firth in all his major film roles with a particular nod to George VI in The King's Speech. Simon enjoys haute cuisine and fine wine so has found his nirvana in Kabul and amongst other achievements is famous for inventing the octothorpe (#). He is still actively seeking his Lizzy Bennet.


Valerie Richard

Valerie brings important strengths to the team in her first year as an Afghaniphant. Among other things, Valerie's vast knowledge of the proper use of prepositions is sure to lead the Afghaniphants to a resounding victory. Fearful of the noxious fumes sure to be emitted by fellow players during matches? You're in luck. Valerie has recently purchased her body weight in peculiarly-named perfume oils. Even the elephants will smell like "opium-laced dreams of flame, plunder, power and fury". If you're a bit intimidated about striking up a conversation, here's a hint: she especially enjoys lengthy discussions with experts on Gender, namely male expats working in Kabul. This proud rookie member of the 2012 Afghaniphants team will undoubtedly be the voice of reason: calm, unargumentative, and a mediator to all.


Mel’s Angels

Melanie Wheeler (Patron)

Last year's WEPA Oscar winner for best off pitch performance, Mel is undoubtedly the sweetheart of the tournament. This year she has formed Mel's Angels, a Patron to beware of, fiercely protective of her players in their social and sporting performances. Married to Jason, of Pukka Chukka fame, Mel will happily divulge amusing anecdotes to embarrass the Pukka Chukkas' in a most endearing way, usually accompanied by raucous laughter.


Gwenni Barrett (C)

The Florence Nightingale paramedic of Perth generally manages to keep Simon Race on the straight and narrow but is also adept as a Chief Sneak and tipster for the commentators. This young lady has honed her elepolo skills and theory over the last three tournaments, saving all for this year's debut not only as a fully fledged player but Captain of the team. As well as being an acclaimed local artist, tattoo artist, and surrogate mother of five - Gwenni can often be seen hurtling around the streets of Perth behind the wheel of an ambulance or on her days off, leading her retro bike gang down to the local watering hole.


Stuart Freeman

Reinsurance guru to the stars (and a few less salubrious chaps from Essex), Stuart has found himself in the enviable position of sponsoring an elepolo team. When first confronted about this he insisted that he knew everything there was to know about polo "Great mints with one of the best brand shapes in history" was apparently the response. A rugby player of some note for the South East of England, he has since invested significantly in The Campaign for Real Ale and now approaches all sport from a sideline perspective. A lover of fast cars and faster (Stop it. Ed.) Stuart is keen to get going to Badia to be part of the action.


Gill Freeman

Wife and confidant to the Mels' Angels sponsor, Gill is aiming to stamp her authority on WEPA this year with a new-world Punk meets Emo look. A keen sportswoman, Gill enjoys swimming, horse riding and skiing but is more at home in the bar, where she is current holder of "Highest number of Woo Woo's consumed in one Evening" award. She is devilishly excited about trying to the same with Tiger Tops Specials as well as welcoming all comers to the Cointreau Challenge.


Tom Tuke-Hastings

The Duke of Hastings will be appearing for his third WEPA having moved silently and with mercenary aplomb from the Sepoys in 2010 to the Chinghis Khan team in 2011. We now see him as chief couturier to Mel's Angels and the Pukka Chukkas. You will have to ask him about his fondness for wearing a dress! Another ambassador for Exeter university he has a talent for sublime fashion and all things debonair; the current world record holder for opening the most bottles of champagne in a minute with a sabre, he has also been known to enter Cossack dancing tournaments – and win.


Marco Nichols Marcy

"Darko" has once again managed to blag his way out to Nepal, having started as a guest Relations Officer for Tiger Tops some five years ago this will be only his second time on a proper team. Darko has achieved most people's dream of having his passion as his job; his 5th Avenue dance studio is renowned for stylish presentation and electric choreography. An avid socialite and charming company, Darko may often be seen keeping mahouts and commentators alike well provisioned throughout WEPA.


Renea Bogunovich

This 'Queen of Cuisine' has a fearsome reputation on the West coast of Australia for mixing margaritas with a rare penchant for flambé dishes from around the world. Her culinary magic has bewitched presidents, celebrities and the occasional lost rock star along the way. She has also been known to focus on aboriginal cuisine so we can expect to see her foraging in the jungle near Bardia camp giving it her best naturist impression.


Tony Papalia

Tony is the "uber-cool" Perth legend of Xeriscape sustainable landscape design (less JCB more wheat grass) – they call him "Crispy" and he can be seen cruising his home town of Perth in a "Red Devil" F truck. For everyone not from Australia translation of that last sentence is available from Simon Race on request. Tony moves and shakes under a number of titles, including the "King Fisher" when out on the water.... he is the man in the know and if you need to source anything from the Red Pilbara to the Southern Wine Country, the catch phrase is "Call Crispy!".


National Parks

The Nepal National Parks team is captained by the ever impressive Ram Prit Yadav and he has a bench to envy from which to choose his players. Famous among them are The Subbha who will undoubtedly be making an appearance this year from his Bardia home. Ram Prit does however keep his training regimen and player choice very close to his chest, so we will only know on the first day of the tournament which of his players will be inspiring the icy tingle of fear to run down the spines of the other teams.

Pukka Chukkas

Jason Wheeler (C)

The Chief. Founder, Patron and Captain of The Pukka Chukkas - he is also the coach, master tactician and team travel coordinator. With 4 WEPA World Championships under his belt and an Olympic Silver Medal, he knows that he is by no means an elephant polo expert but hopes that 2012 will be "fifth time lucky". A true gentlemen and generous to a fault but beware his prodigious capacity to 'charm' you the night before his team plays you in the tournament.


Simon Race

Cowboy booted, Jaeger Le Coultre bedecked and highly metro cum urban male, Simon, the Pukka's beloved vice captain, has been with the Pukkas from the very beginning. Originally from England, he now calls Perth, Australia home and proudly wears the green and gold when supporting his other sporting passion, women’s beach volley ball. 2012 will be Simon's 5th WEPA and the third year that he will be sharing the World Cup adventures with his partner Gwenni. An encyclopedic knowledge of music leads Simon to be a mainstay DJ for the half time musical interludes throughout the tournament.


Alex Hamilton

Alex made his Elephant Polo debut at the 2010 world championships. Returning in 2012 for his third WEPA, he’s determined to help the team claim the coveted WEPA trophy for the first time after helping them to the Quaich final in 2011 with some of the most spirited defence ever played in a Pukka shirt. After a brief stint in London, where he became acquainted with rain, warm beer and Arsenal fans who seem to believe they have a good soccer team, Alex is now a local in Bondi. He is also back into the mayhem of the hospital, where he works as an ophthalmologist. He set a lively precedence by admitting to having been taking lessons on a wooden horse last year – something for the committee to handle discreetly but firmly one imagines.


Michael Eaton

“Meaton” defines himself as an international house guest and who are we to argue. Back for his third tournament, in 2011 Meaton played a blinder in attack and scored the Pukka's first ever goal in a WEPA final. He was born and raised in the tundra of Canada and grew up on a diet primarily of bacon and maple syrup. An avid outdoorsman, he has survived in the wild with just humour and beer alone. Despite that, its fair to say his most significant and unforgettable contribution to WEPA over the past couple of years was taking over the kitchen at Kathmandu airport and cooking the team cheese and ham toasties while they waited for Yeti Airlines to arrive - pure class!


Tom Fontaine

Oil man, entrepreneur, philanthropist and commentators delight; Tom joined the Pukka Chukkas in 2011 and has never looked back. Having lived in Canada for 15 years, he knew he could swing a hockey stick and some of his swings of the polo mallet in defence in the 2011 Quaich Final were reminiscent of the titanic ice hockey battles of days gone by. Through his no-profit making oil venture "Acumem Energy" Tom is not only the sponsor of the Pukka Chukkas MS Bicycle Polo Cup but is also a key donor and supporter of various educational projects in the Chitwan Region of Southern Nepal.


Rusty Kukris

Jonny Fenn (C)

Captaining the malevolent Rusty Kukris for the second year Jonny will have his hands full. Having played rugby for his country he is used to high pressure sporting environments although one would have hoped his bar presence to be more substantial given his sublime dedication to the messes of the Royal Logistic Corps and infamy amongst his peers as a boat racer of some esteem.


Chris Darby

"Hartley" has finally recovered from the shame of last year's WEPA when, rather than adventuring, raconteuring and misbehaving he tussled with a lap-top and constrained his post match activities to a little light lunging and stretching. As a result he will this year be bringing the delightful Mrs Darby – beware the dance floor – and has promised to at least try the gin. Hartley has had a long and varied career and, ever the self-declared under-dog, is one to watch if only because of his belief that Léger de Main (that's low animal cunning to you and me) will out do brute force or intelligence every time (he's even been proved correct on occasion!).


Toby Jackman

Mullah Toby Jackman, late of Lea's Mounted Rifles and sometime owner of vast swathes of Alpine France. The Mullah is an accomplished and indeed experimental para-glider, once famed for his record of the highest self propelled champagne sabre opening, he now languishes in Kabul dreaming wistfully of fresh Alpine air and those far off days of his militia service.


Tristan Forster

Provider to the stars of philanthropic ideas and exceptionally coiffured man servants, Tristan has, in his own luxuriating time, run a circus, served his country, ennobled the art of kite surfing and crashed the odd helicopter. Last year he proved a deft hand at the game and is one of the talents to be regarded carefully by this year's handicap committee.


Shindi Poonia

Prince Shindi Poonia, late of the Parachute Regiment, Pathfinders, French Foreign Legion and Royal Logistic Corps, will be gracing us with his ephemeral presence this year. Having diverted his regal attentions away from WEPA 2011, at the eleventh hour, we shall look forward to a master class of storytelling and a lot of catching up on the Tiger Tops Specials front – he doesn't know what they are yet but will soon catch on.


Simon Pickering

Telecommunications entrepreneur from the Parish of Weston Favell and provider of telephones to the Northern masses. These are but two crimes for which Simon is currently seeking asylum in Azerbaijan. This will be an inaugural WEPA for Simon who has been drafted in by Hartley under the illusion that Meghauly and Tiger Tops require mobile phone signals while everyone else enjoys the current isolated splendor of a Blackberry free week. His favoured past time is railway bridge balancing, most would agree it to be a niche sport, as shown in his picture which he described in all seriousness as "my legendary picture".


Other characters of WEPA

Prabul Thapa

Prabul is the tournament umpire, a task as difficult to finesses correctly as asking a Bengal tiger if he "wouldn't mind awfully wearing some lipstick" for your safari photo. Prabul umpires with empirical correctness and complete knowledge of the rule book and more importantly, how the players will try and play the rule book. Woe betide back chat to this leviathan of the pitch, for a short, very slow and highly embarrassing walk to the sidelines will ensue. Besides his WEPA prowess Prabul is a dedicated architect and for those of you who have seen Tiger Mountain outside of Pokhara you will see his signature all over Machapuchare being framed through the main door to the lodge.


Raj Kalaan

The Silver Fox was commanding the Indian Army's 61st cavalry in 1986 when WEPA began, he attended his first WEPA in 1987. He has supplied advice, mentoring, rules, sticks and a steady hand from its inception in Chitwan to the present day. Should you ever find yourself asking what the definition of a gentleman is, it is Raj Kalaan. He has played polo for his country, raised (along with Sunny I hasten to add) two esteemed polo playing sons and risen high in the ranks of the Indian Army. He played in every WEPA tournament bar 2 to date which is believed to be a record; having retired from playing this year he will be sorely missed on the pitch. We will however look forward to his erudite wit and charm off the pitch and with this short paragraph salute a long and illustrious career.


Ram Pritt Yadav

Ram Pritt has lead the National Parks' team to so many victories that he may yet claim the crown of most capped and indeed most valuable all time player. He has the challenging task each year of selecting from Nepal's world leading mahouts the team that will represent the country at the annual WEPA championships. Ram Pritt is tireless in his endeavours to ensure fair play between all teams and does his best to negate language advantage despite some dubious attempts by foreign players to learn the key 12 words of Nepali needed to communicate with the mahouts. Most recently he won the MVP award in 2010, a well deserved and heartily cheered acumen.


Geoffrey Dobbs

The Tunku of Taprobane, the Sultan of Swing and the founder of Ceylon Elephant Polo, Geoffrey Dobbs can be said to have started a great deal and finished even more when it comes to partying adventures. Having left Hong Kong in its halcyon days Geoffrey bought up vast swathes of Sri Lanka and has hosted some hot names in the world of showbiz and celebrity, while ensuring continued and ever valuable support to local communities on the island. There will be a roar of welcome this year at WEPA for Geoffrey after last year's early departure and well deserved it will be to. We look forward to his sharp wit returning to the commentary box and some heartfelt speeches in the gol ghar.


Lisa Choegyal

Lisa is the embodiment of those ladies who leave their own shores to find adventure and prove successful at whatever they turn their hands to. She arrived in Nepal in her early twenties and set about promoting responsible tourism, which is how she fell into cahoots with Tiger Mountain and Jim Edwards. Lisa has made films, written books, developed wildlife lodges, supported mountaineering expeditions, organised a few WEPA tournaments, brought up two enthusiastic polo playing sons and also happens to be the New Zealand Honorary Consul to Nepal. Lisa has been a steady and calming hand at WEPA for many years having played pivotal roles in getting it all going. She is currently the treasurer of the WEPA committee and will be desperately proud if Sangjay can pull off a hat trick this year.


Peter Prentice

An esteemed academic from the hallowed realms of Exeter University, Peter started off by launching the University Rock 'n Roll Society before travelling the world for excitement and commercial adventure. His manners and quiet persona immediately endeared him to Jim Edwards and a long partnership was formed which saw Peter bring the Scotch Whisky industry to WEPA as a key sponsor for many a year. Now in what some may say is the twilight of his playing career, after 3 World Championship wins (as well as some knick nacks picked up at TEPA and CEPA) Peter manages to surprise one and all every year with big hits and uncanny accuracy, brought on one suspects, by pre-match and half time sharpeners. It is often the cause of pitch side debate as to whether it was his early days of cricket of his later love of pottery that has given him such a steady hand, now aided by said sharpeners.


Yadav Bantawa

Yadav Bantawa is about as tough as they come and personifies the definition of unflappable. Coming from East Nepal he has been with Tiger Tops for 14 years and is the only General manager within the organisation. His indomitable moral and physical courage keeps the organisation on the right path through thick and thin. You may wish to ask him about shoot outs in the OK Coral that was the TT Gol Ghar, or indeed if you are lucky enough, he may regale you with a description of Jim Edwards reaction when he once asked him for 2 months off to go and partake of India Idol. if ever you have an issue the Yadav will solve it but beware his fierce stance on WEPA regulations, when he stands in as Umpire the players had better be on their mettle.


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